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38 Holeshot
Dan Powell
Cycle Speedway, a short track bicycle racing format, has been popular overseas for years. Now that the high-energy event has found its way to Portland, will it spread to the rest of the United States?

48 Mountain Bike Philadelphia
John Cameron
Believe it or not, there are bona fide mountain bike trails just a short ride from Center City, Fishtown and Manayunk. We’re talking genuine singletrack, complete with steep hills, roots, rocks and all.

74 Return of the Scorcher
Nathan Congdon
Get a glimpse of cycling in modern day China through the eyes of an American ex-patriot who commutes year round in Guangzhou.

Parking garage polo during the Bluegrass Boondoggle in Louisville, KY. Good while it lasted, the fuzz eventually forced the tournament to move along to a third location for the final game. Photo by Brad Quartuccio