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You can do it yourself wherever you are, with five volunteer-run co-ops spread across the city. Every one has adopted a kitchen-esque name in homage to the one that came first, a gesture of unity in effort to bring us all just a little bit closer. The bike route connecting each one in a loop around town totals nearly 65 miles.

Bike Kitchen

The city’s first bike co-op and the hub of the bike district in Hollywood, a small block next to L.A. City College that also includes the Orange 20 bike shop, a cafe, wine bar, and Scoops, the best ice cream parlor in town.

706 Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles CA 90029


This west side co-op is the most spacious in the city and host to some fantastic bikeroparties and swap meets! Located across the street from L.A. Brakeless, and voted “Best Place to Join a Commune” in 2011 by the L.A. Weekly.

12255 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90066

Bike Oven

Chances are you’ll be offered a cup of coffee while wrenching at this East L.A. bike haven. Looking for something new and shiny for your ride? The Flying Pigeon is right next door. Stop by for movie nights, art shows and group rides to local galleries and breweries.

3706 North Figueroa St, Los Angeles CA 90065

Valley Bikery / Cicleria de Valle

In 2009 the city had three co-ops running regularly, but none served cyclists in the San Fernando Valley. A dedicated group began operating the Bikery as mobile clinics along bike paths in parks and eventually came to reside in a cozy little spot just big enough to turn a few wrenches in the central part of the valley. The Bikery publishes all of their literature and signage in English and Spanish.

14416 Victory Blvd, Van Nuys CA 91401

Bikesanas del Valle

Not long after the Bikery was born, Bikesanas sprang into being as well. Situated on the northeast edge of the valley, 8.5 miles east of the Bikery and 19 miles north of the Oven.

12545 Terra Bella St, Pacoima CA 91331