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Torker U-3

The Torker U-3 is based upon the successful U-District platform—a simple commuter bike, this time with drop bars and a 3-speed hub. Available in 4 sizes for just under $500, the U-3 will be popular with stylish and utilitarian customers this coming season.

Pinarello MAAT Frameset

Everyone needs an $8500 track frameset, and Pinarello has the answer with the MAAT. The price at least includes the matching carbon bar/stem combo. Someone, somewhere with more money than brains will end up riding this on the street. Otherwise go fast, turn left.

Yuba Boda Boda Cargo Cruiser

Yuba is introducing the Boda Boda, a shorter wheelbase cruiser cargo bike. The $1000 bike is a mere 35 lbs due to the aluminum frame and sensible components, with a capacity to carry your 200 lb friend, or whatever else you may want to lash on the back. It features mounts for optional side mount runningboards, and braze-ons for a front basket.

Bern Cyclehawk Nino Helmet

Kids need cool helmets too—and with the success of their Cyclehawk partnership Bern has created a Cyclehawk kids helmet, appropriately enough with Squid’s own 5 year old as the photo model.


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