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Editor's Statement

It has been an exceptionally long off season around these parts. Dropping the winter issue for greater distribution of the spring through fall issues of Urban Velo was planned, but we could not have anticipated the never ending winter that accompanied the change. Our part of the world is just emerging from a deep freeze that kept many a bicycle wheel indoors for months at a time, or used sparingly on those precious few days where the cold barely loosened its grip. Even the most die-hard commuter and winter time riders saw their ride time impacted by the below normal temperatures and above normal precipitation. It took some effort, but we still managed to get out and turn the inspirational gears.

With our 41st issue we are introducing our new City Report section, featuring our hometown in the first installment with more to come as the year goes on. Urban Velo has always been focussed on the people that live in the cities of the world and the way they use bicycles to navigate them, and our latest section shines a spotlight on the urban centers that people simultaneously use as home and playground. There is nothing like finding the secrets of your hometown, and few things better than showing them off to a visiting friend. We’re not looking to unveil every secret of our town or yours, but hope to pull back the curtain enough to make a two wheeled visit that much more enjoyable.

This promises to be a big year for cycling, with bikeshare expanding to more cities than ever and dedicated bike infrastructure becoming more normalized with each passing day. I look forward to the local and national changes in store by the next time my tires touch snow.