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To a casual observer, the planning stage often happens with rapid-fire spontaneity with promotion always occurring though word of mouth and a single heavily circulated flyer. Too much planning can result in critical eyes being directed to the effort and pulling one off stealthily is always the call. Behind the scenes however, a very different picture exists, as Jeff methodically plots the course in his head and then in real time as he arrives long before the impending revelers. As he carefully marks the course with natural features, and takes care of light trail work in an effort to minimize any impact, the fruits of his efforts begin to take shape.

In response to wanting to race cyclocross, but being turned off by the high entry fees, and occasional dour attitude of some fellow competitors he encountered, it was three years ago when Frane finally decided that the best course of action was to simply organize his own events. After years of hosting alleycats and various messenger races, putting the Bandit Cross events on was a simple transition. So far the premiere race has been the only one that has had an entry fee required, the funds from which were ultimately invested in trail care equipment. Secondly, the idea of riding a cross bike on the local courses of finely manicured parkland never was of interest, however riding one on sketchy single track, and through rocky creek crossings added an element of excitement and adventure that was infectious. Harkening back to the days of “Jungle Cross,” Frane found inspiration and applied it in the natural setting of the local trail network.

With a background solidly set in a more punk rock, DIY aesthetic, the motivation for these functions is to not simply rest on any laurels and wait for someone else to create an event for you to attend. And Jeff’s not alone in this mind set. Fed up with traditionally organized competitions, people the world over are taking the proverbial bull by the horns and embarking on their own visions of how they think a fun event should be realized.