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Winter Footwear Solutions

Cold and wet weather is one of the most fearsome combinations to bicycle through, especially when it comes down to keeping your feet warm and dry. As the temperature dips below freezing there is a very real risk of frostbite, especially if your toes get wet. Here are four tried and true methods of keeping the warmth in and the water out.

Plastic Bags – Combined with thick socks and your regular shoes, plastic bags work for plenty of people to keep the water out. Unfortunately they also keep the sweat in, potentially leaving you with cold, wet feet from the inside. They work well considering the price.

Shoe Covers – Traditional road cyclewear consists of various levels of thickness and coverage of both lycra and neoprene covers that slip over your clipless cycling shoes. Some are meant more for keeping a cold wind out than water, others have more water resistance and zip up your ankle.

Winter Cycling Shoes – For the dedicated cold weather rider not looking to sacrifice performance, there is nothing better than purpose built winter cycling shoes that accept a clipless cleat. Many are waterproof to a given point allowing full submersion in puddles without springing a leak. The price of entry is high—$200 or more.

Boots – The most practical solution for many is a pair of winter boots and platform-style pedals. As long as you’re not in a particular hurry and the extra weight doesn’t bother you, this method will keep your feet cozy through even the worst weather. Once the temperature drops low enough, this may be the only option.