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Editor's Statement

By Brad Quartuccio

In this issue we’ve invited back some of our contributors from the previous few for another round. Urban Velo #11’s cover photographer Brenton Salo is back with his camera in hand, this time featured in our gallery showing off his Portland, OR home. Across the globe, Australian Andy White tells his simultaneously nightmarish and miraculous tale of why he should be dead in Pain in the Neck. Evan Farrar and Ed Glazar each contributed to our Roller Racing state of the nation report, reprising their writing and photography roles. It’s an all-star cast that I’m proud to feature.

As we finish this issue, we are days away from another road trip and a change of scenery from the production grind. It was on a trip just about two years ago that the idea of Urban Velo was solidified, and it seems appropriate to embark on another as we enter our third year and the first hints of spring ’09 begin to show in our part of the world. Go forward, move ahead and give the past the slip.

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