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With all of these locations and people involved across the land, Goldsprints is starting to vary widely, thriving on a do-it-yourself culture of innovation. Minneapolis has retro 80’s pixelated Excite-Bike graphics. San Francisco emulates the original big circular dial, but in software. London’s Rollapaluza uses real, honest-to-god 1950’s Barelli mechanical dials, but they’ve augmented them with huge automatic digital stopwatches. And Japan, go figure, is way ahead of anyone else technologically; they’ve got 40-foot projections and 3D animations. Standards haven’t really begun to emerge because I feel like we’ve only now started to get our head above water–but soon, we’ll all start to compare race times city to city by standardizing crank length, wheel size, gear ratio etc. I’m looking forward to the innovations to come as even more cities come online with Goldsprints setups of their own.