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The idea may not have been the first time bike jewelry has been done, but Takahiro believes that you can do something innovative by performing the ordinary, in an extraordinary manner. That’s exactly what this Bushwick Brooklyn artist/cyclist has done. “Biking has always been a big part of my daily life here in New York. It was a no brainer to take something that I love doing and see how far it takes me,” says Takahiro. Studying product design at KIDI, a renowned global design school in Japan, he learned traditional jewelry making techniques using chain nose pliers, coiling tools, bur cups and files.

KU Jewelry came about when Takahiro acquired a loft space in Bushwick that allowed him to set up an impressive workspace. There he honed his skills in product development through computer modeling programs and further instruction. “My teacher Chie is an instructor of FIT in NY. I learned metal sawing, soldering, filing, stone setting and basic jewelry techniques from him.”