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Editor's Statement

By Brad Quartuccio

Travel makes it all come together. Road trips so often are the fuel for what ends up in the pages of each issue. One such journey a couple of years ago was the final determining factor that, yes, Jeff and I were going to stick our necks out and create the first issue of Urban Velo. Inspiration is so often found on the road, most recently serving it up on a Midwest swing that took me back to the place the aforementioned journey ended up; Minneapolis, via Chicago.

Meeting and riding with new-to-me people in new-to-me places is perhaps the most rewarding and eye-opening part of this whole endeavor. Sharing in the experiences of friends in far off places never tires, just as the fun of riding itself hasn’t changed much since childhood. Visits to other locales just have a tendency to bring it to the forefront as people show off their own hometown secrets and turn up the riding to another level for the out of town eyes. A perfect example comes from Mike Carney pictured above, part of the Minneapolis Tricks and Drinks crew out on a Tuesday night in early June nailing what is likely the first documented fixed gear hand rail grind. And due to good timing and good friends, I just happened to be there to witness the feat.

Keep inspiring us, and we hope to keep inspiring you.


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