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I knew something was broken. A few of the guys got me some ice and gave me a ride home. I remember yelling “Goodbye Tokyo!” because I knew I wouldn’t be able to ride for the last day I was there. The guys dropped me off where I was staying and I had a long and painful evening ahead of me. Without waking the people I was staying with, I went to sleep. The next day was the keirin races at Keiokaku Velodrome. My housemates left in the morning without me and I spent the last day in Tokyo on the couch watching Japanese fishing shows.

Later on that evening, my housemates came home to find me on the couch with a puffy and blue foot. They woke me up and took me to the hospital. Knowing the US healthcare system and the expenses of such a trip, I was hesitant. They assured me that it wouldn’t cost more than 20,000 Yen or so, which wasn’t bad seeing that it’s roughly 90 Yen to the dollar. Sure enough, we get there and the receptionist confirms that; 10,000 Yen for the x-ray and consultation, 2,000 Yen for the wrap. Post x-ray it was revealed that I fractured my foot—“Take it easy and it will be healed in 6-weeks,” was the prognosis. It was my last night in Tokyo and I was ready for a hot meal and a cold beer.

A large group of us assembled and did just that. It was the perfect ending to my trip. The next morning we packed our stuff and hopped on a bus to Narita airport. With the ease of public transportation, the Narita to Tokyo trip isn’t bad. We were there before you knew it and on our plane headed back to NYC.

Tokyo for me was the best time I’ve had on my bike ever. The people, the events, the culture and the city was the most amazing experience anyone could ever dream of having. I got to meet so many people from all over and at no other event in the world could you do such a thing. The CMWC may have started as a messenger-only event, but with the changing times and the popularity of track bikes and fixed gears, it’s grown to one of the biggest urban cycle culture events in the world. I’m not a messenger and I don’t intend to become one, but I never at any moment felt unwelcome in Tokyo. For that, I thank you.

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