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32 Riding Blind
Brad Quartuccio
When diabetes took Matt Gilman’s vision, it seemed that his bike riding days were over. Against all odds, Matt continues to participate in observed trials, one of cycling’s most demanding disciplines.

42 Pulling Out The Stops
David Hoffman
The Idaho Stop Law, passed in 1982, allows cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs. Based on its success, bicycle advocates are working to introduce
similar legislation in other states.

56 Unfamiliar Things
Maureen Foley
In this excerpt from the memoir Smidge And Space Go West, Foley takes
us back to her days as a San Francisco bike messenger, and her experiences
with the venerable Holland Zo, owner of the Velo City bike shop.

64 Two Bikes and a Funeral
Sarah Meyer
Sarah reflects on the lessons learned during a three and a half day bike
trip from Montreal to New York City. The 650-kilometer journey took
a toll on their equipment, but nothing managed to dampen their spirits.

Laila Ghambari shows off her enviable trackstanding skills in the Squidhouse
basement. Photo by Mike Wilson,