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I Love Riding in the City

NAME: Martha Retallick
OCCUPATION: Graphic Designer and Photographer

Where do you live and what’s it like riding in your city?

I’m in Tucson, AZ where summertime temperatures often reach 100 degrees or higher. Despite such tough weather, bicycling is very popular here. (Just be sure to drink plenty of water!)

The city itself is pretty flat, but if you’re looking for hills, they’re here too. Just point your bike north to the city limits. Won’t be long before you reach the Santa Catalina Mountains.

What was your favorite city to ride in, and why?

Tucson! I first got to know this town on a bike back in 1987. Was bicycling from Phoenix to Mexico, then up to Canada, and I was using this ride as an opportunity to find a new place to live. Tucson won that competition hands down, so when the long ride was over I put myself and my bike on a plane and settled here.

Why do you love riding in the city?

Much of my riding is of the utilitarian sort—going to the post office, the food co-op, community meetings, that sort of thing. In this city, such a thing isn’t uncommon. As a matter of fact, it’s celebrated.

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