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Editor's Statement

By Brad Quartuccio

One of the early stories that came across in response to Issue #1 was that of a reader discovering us from a print-out found on the train. Thank you—to the person who printed it out, the person who picked it up and everyone else who has given us a few winks. This zine is an exciting venture in more ways than one, I’m genuinely flattered that people are reading along.

We present to you Issue #2. Many different stories, from many different people. Our cover feature Going Underground still blows me away, just as it did the first time I caught a glimpse of Johnny Tarr’s photographs.

Totally unexpected, and exactly the material that makes us tick. Between that and the rest of the book, we hope there is something contained within these pages that makes you want to ride. That’s what it does for me, and that’s what I’m going to do.

The big question still hangs, why the name change to Urban Velo? We were infringing on a fellow cyclist’s trademark, so we stopped doing that. Same medicine, new label.