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I Love Riding in the City

NAME: Enci
LOCATION: Hungary/Germany/L.A.

Why do you love riding in the city?
It was a nice surprise to hear from my agent. It was a double nice surprise to get sent out on TWO auditions. One was in Beverly Hills and the other was near Los Feliz. I was hoping that the first one wouldn’t take too long, but I also knew that I couldn’t make it to both auditions in a car in two hours. So, I saddled up 45-minutes before my first audition and rode my bike instead of driving.

I arrived at the second audition 20 minutes early. As soon as I got my number, I was pushed in front of the camera and the photographer said, “Hold the card in front of your chest. Lose the card. Smile. Thank you.” That was it. I was out of there in no time.

I rode home in my suit jacket and my high heels, and in my skirt. I thought that if auditions can be humiliating and no fun, I’m going to have some fun on my way home. And I had a blast—I stopped traffic!

Well, not really. The traffic was already stopped because of...well, traffic. I rode up to the red lights with ease and nobody even honked at me. It was a nice ride.

I rode 15.54 miles and did two auditions that I didn’t enjoy, but I did get to go on a fun ride on a beautiful day. And now that I think about it (rewrite memory) I’m sure I did stop the traffic!

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