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I Love Riding in the City

OCCUPATION: Pedicabber

Why do you love riding in the city?
I’ve been pedicabbing for almost four years, and I love it! A pedicab is truly an urban adventure vehicle. There are over 100 of us pedicabbers here, and we are a tight group of strong-minded, opinionated, athletic, kickass, freedom loving urban warriors! We do pubcrawls, full moon rides and greenbelt forays together. Sometimes we travel to other cities to pedicab events, like the rodeo in Houston or Spring Break in South Padre.

The biggest tip anyone has ever gotten is $800, which was given to a guy by a woman. Contrary to popular belief that women get tipped better, my biggest tip ever was $540.

There are a lot of crazy random chaotic things happening every night in pedicabbing. I think of it like surfing, you just put yourself out there and try to stay aligned with the good energy, and anything can happen.