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38 Bicycle Portraits
Stan Engelbrecht & Nic Grobler
The Bicycle Portraits project is as much an investigation into South African bicycle culture as it is an excuse to ride bikes and take photographs of people from different walks of life.

50 Das Rad Ist Gut
Eric J. Herboth
There’s a lot more to German cycling than the disgraced former Tour de France champion, Jan Ullrich. In fact, the German public once had a great love of cycling. And now, it seems, that feeling is coming back.

66 The Sky is Falling
Stephen Cummings
Unlike you, Steevo was forced to quit his day job and had little else to do other than pursue a life of competitive bike racing. It may sound like an ideal situation, but he did have to get knocked unconscious by a brick to the head before realizing his lucky break.

Michael E. relaxing in Sangnam-dong in Changwon, South Korea, in the shine of endless neon signs. Photo by David Munson,