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Invasion of the Bike Lane Snatchers

Bike Lanes are Now Being Used by More Than Just Bikes

By David Hoffman

The Invasion Begins…

Green transportation is the new marketing Mecca, and it looks as though times are good for vendors and manufacturers of alternative transportation. To be sure, there has been a recent (relatively) surge in bikes here in the US that have car-like abilities such as cargo bikes and Dutch-style child transporters. It’s a great time to expand your horizons and try a new bike that will help you to reduce your dependence on oil—either foreign or domestic. This has no doubt been brought even more sharply into focus with the explosion of, sinking and resulting environmental disaster of the BP Deep Water Horizon. This tragedy on the seas will be capitalized on by folks who want to sell you something that isn’t petroleum powered. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times…