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The following tools are what is necessary for the majority of repairs. As you start off, only buy the ones that fit your bike—there is no need for a cassette removal tool if you only ride fixed, and no need for headset wrenches if all of your bikes have threadless headsets. You should be able to outfit the applicable below tools for a single bike for $150 or less.

• Allen Keys

• Metric Open-end Wrenches

• Chaintool

• Spoke Wrenches

• Cable Cutters

• Cone Wrenches

• Crank Puller

• Bottom Bracket Removal Tool

• Chainwhip and Lockring Tool

• Cassette/Freewheel Removal Tool

• Headset Wrenches

• Pedal Wrench

• Floor Pump

• Tire Levers

• Waterproof Marine Grease

• Chain Lube

Next level

Beyond filling in the gaps above as your bikes change, and buying the other non-bicycle specific tools you’re after (bench grinder, pipe cutter etc.) there is no getting around spending some real money on the below items. While in this second category of “next level” tools, a repair stand should be one of the first things to purchase if you are serious about maintaining your bike. They can be pricey, but they pay immediate dividends when wrenching and double as a secure place to store your bike when not in use. Keep your eye out at bike swaps and Craigslist, sometimes repair stands come up for well below market value.

• Repair Stand

• Truing Stand

• Headset Installation/Removal Tools

• Torque Wrench

• Digital Scale

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