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38 Do It By Bike In Denver
Jennifer Nordhem
There’s more to Denver than thin air and a great view of the Rocky Mountains. Our author’s got the lowdown on how to get around and get down in the Mile High City.

50 Fixed Freestyle Evolution
John Prolly
Not too long ago, people were riding on small tires and chopped down bars. As time went on, riders adapted MTB and BMX parts to their 700c bikes. Will the next step be a move to smaller wheels?

68 Countywide
Eric Matthies
Los Angeles County is home to more than 10,000,000 people, including countless cyclists. In his most recent film, being shown at the 2010 Bicycle Film Festival, Eric Matthies gives the world a taste of cycling in LA.

Denver is home to over 260 parks with 9,000 acres of open space for getting
extreme or just chilling out. Read more on page 38. Photo by Lenny Maiorani