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SE Bikes has created a one-off Quad Fixed frame, a one of a kind prototype fixed freestyle version of their famous Quad BMX model. There is absolutely only one of these frames out there, and no word if it’ll make it into production for 2012.

We’ve hardly spent any time with the original 50 lumen Knog Boomer and already Knog has one-upped themselves by introducing a slightly more powerful, USB rechargeable version. We have precious little information to share, but we can assure you that this is the brightest self-contained light in the Knog line.

The Planet Bike Blitzen Shoe Covers feature windproof fabric with micro-fleece lining and retail for $39.99-$44.99. The Comet Shoe Covers are full neoprene shoe covers and retail for $35.99-$39.99. And the Dasher toe covers feature Windproof fabric with microfleece lining and retail for $24.99-$26.99.

Redline created the Urbis Nox for people going big on their fixed gears, with a gusseted headtube and a wishbone stay along with larger diameter cromoly tubing throughout. For $750 the bike comes with new-school style toe straps, 35mm wide tires and a polycarbonate bash guard, along with the front disc routed through the steerer like its little brother Urbis.

With copper saddle rivets and other accents gaining momentum, it was only a matter of time before copper pedals hit the market. Three different copper finished MKS pedals are now available for about $60, including the pictured road/quill versions. Available through any shop with a Merry Sales account, you can also order them online at Soma Fab.

Feedback Sports offers a shop-grade digital chain gauge to better tell when a chain really needs a replacement so that shops have a better way to give accurate measurements and consumers aren’t relying on simple rules of thumb or replacing chains prematurely. It measures chain stretch up to 2.5mm in .01mm increments, yielding the most precise measurement of stretch out there.

For many urban cyclists, the Brev.M Classic saddle is just what the doctor ordered… It’s shaped like the classic saddles of the 70’s and 80’s (think Concor and Turbo) and looks the part, too. It features just enough padding to make it comfortable for long rides without padded bike shorts, but it’s certainly not what most people would consider “squishy.” Best of all, it retails for just $25.

NS Bikes out of Poland has released the complete Analog bike, built up with an entry level fixed freestyle spec with big 38c tires and new-school straps but with square taper cranks fine for most but not really up for repeated stair gaps or anything of the sort. The bike fits long and low, built around a high bottom bracket, lots of standover and a long toptube/short stem combo.