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Beijing Riding

It is especially convenient to ride bikes in Beijing, as there are bike lanes everywhere and the city is very flat. Traffic is crazy, but according to Ines people are generally aware of bicycles and can anticipate and predict what you are going to do. “It is also interesting and fun—you can communicate, negotiate with people in the traffic, nobody gets angry here, everybody does what they want and understands each other. However, an antipollution mask and helmet should not be forgotten.”

Ines enjoys biking, as it gives a feeling of freedom and achievement. “You can race cars, you can beat busses and there are never traffic jams for bikes. It’s also very interactive, as you can chat with people while standing at the traffic light. You use your own strength to move, so there is a feeling of achievement involved. And it lets you feel the environment, smell the air,” Ines tries to name all of the reasons why she loves cycling, but as we all know it’s just impossible to put passion for bikes into words.


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