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Princeton Tec Push

The Princeton Tec Push is a serious, self-contained commuter headlight that both looks the part, and performs accordingly. The Maxbright LED lamp delivers 100 lumens, and the red “side pipe lighting” provides some element of 260º of visibility, or can be turned off if you prefer to do so.

The mounting bracket is simple and effective. While it’s nothing to write home about, it’s reassuring to note that the design has been tested not only on the streets, but on the mountain bike endurance racing circuit.

The Push uses three AAA batteries. Of course built-in rechargeable battery packs are nice, but the nice thing about using standard batteries is that a fresh set is commonly available at the corner store. The claimed burn times are 4 hours on high, 14 on low and 63 on flashing mode. Your results will vary depending on which batteries you’re using.

Available in red, blue or titanium, the Push retails for $50.

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Nutcase Classic Helmet

Regular readers of the magazine are most likely familiar with Nutcase helmets, as they’ve been advertising for a couple years now. But it’s only been recently that a box of their helmets arrived on our doorstep. The first on the chopping block was this Union Jack themed classic helmet from their street collection.

Minus the graphics, the classic helmet looks very much like a standard skate/bmx helmet. And that’s not terribly far off the mark, as it features the industry standard ABS shell and EPS foam liner. It has eleven small vents in the traditional skate/bmx helmet pattern, and meets US and European government standards for helmet safety.

The quality of the construction is above average for this style of helmet, and the straps are notably nice. The thing that really sets Nutcase helmets apart from the competition is the unique magnetic buckle. It’s a bit hard to explain, but essentially the clasps slide together sideways, and the magnet keeps them in place. Rest assured, once the buckle is secured, it isn’t coming open accidentally. The nice things about this system are that it’s easy to operate, even with gloves on, and you’ll never pinch your skin closing the buckle.

The S/M size helmet fits 52 cm – 60 cm heads, and the L/XL fits 61 cm – 64 cm. Each helmet comes with four sets of pads to help customize the fit.

The Classic helmet retails for $50 and comes in an array of styles and colors.

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