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SE Bikes Soda Pop

As urban cycling continues to mature, more kids are looking up to the scene and wanting to get involved early with similar styled bikes for them. SE Bikes has introduced the Soda Pop 20 and 24 for kids looking for a street track bike more their size. The Soda Pop 20 is meant for riders 4’ to 4’8” and has a coaster brake to keep things simple. Available for about $300 each.

LDG S-Line Track End

Livery Design Gruppe is a frame and component manufacturer out of Huntington Beach CA making some classy looking bikes and components with a certain flair for over the top yet functional design. Case in point is the new S-Line of frames and their unique track ends with a sleeve that the axle fits through that then slides on the frame itself, reminiscent of old school adjustable length track stems.

KMC Kool Knight Chain

New for this year is the Kool Knight chain, a 1/8” chain for BMX and fixed freestyle riding that utilizes a half link design and directional “L” shaped links that when installed completely cover and encase the chainring and cog for protection during grinds and crashes. Even with the unique design the chain can be shortened using a standard chain tool. The Kool Knight will be priced at about $45 when it becomes available in fall 2011.

DZR Shoes 2012

DZR came onto the scene pretty strong over the past year with their clipless compatible street shoes. For this next year they’ve expanded their offerings into another line of shoes with stiffer soles and wide straps to hold your foot tighter. The soles have a steel shank in them and are noticeably stiffer than their previous shoes, perfect for more performance riding or off road pursuits.

Lil Wayne’s Mixie

Yep, you heard it here first, Lil Wayne rides a mini velo. So does Wiz Khalifa, Chris Brown, Rick Ross, T-Pain, Ice Cube and even Justin Bieber. Pictured here is the greatest rapper alive’s custom Mixie.

Pro-tec Riot Street Helmet

Pro-tec is one of, if not the, original skate and BMX helmet manufacturers. For 2012 they’re bringing their helmet expertise to the current urban cycling scene with the Riot Street, an $89 helmet with an integrated visor similar to other designs we’re all familiar with. The helmet is remarkably light with an in-mold shell and internal channels for ventilation.

Fyxation Gates Pedal Straps

Fyxation got into the pedal game a year or two back, and now released their $44 Gates Pedal Straps. Similar in design to other hook and loop, over the foot new-school style straps, one main design difference is that the strap itself is longer for easier use with fat skate style shoes or winter boots. Also available as a package deal with the Gates pedal for $60.

A.N.Design Works Folding Bikes

A.N.Design Works is a Tokyo-based company who hope to make inroads into the global bike market with their decidedly unique yet affordable designs. The A-Lee folding bikes feature well-hidden hinges that make them hard to distinguish from an ordinary diamond frame bicycle. At just $400 retail, these hi-ten steel bikes might be exactly what a lot of people are after in a commuter.

Virtue Bicycle

Virtue is a new San Diego based brand who is able to offer complete bikes at roughly $300 retail. And amazingly, their frames are 100% chromoly, including the fork.

Swrve Cycling Apparel Gloves

Swrve had their new gloves on display, featuring carbon fiber knuckle protection, passive venting between the fingers, and fingertip pads that allow you to use a touchscreen smartphone without having to remove your gloves, a nice touch for anyone who’s ever tried to answer the phone and it just won’t respond. Available in genuine leather for $75 or synthetic materials for $35.

Dahon JiFo 16 Folding Bike

The new Dahon JiFo 16 is a bike designed for the last mile or two of a multi-modal commute. The bike is ultra compact due to the 16” wheels, and is equipped with quick release pedals and a telescoping seatpost. At just under 20 lbs the one-speed JiFo 16 is pretty light, but the real story is how quickly it folds—under 7 seconds. This top of the line Dahon will be available for $900.

Light & Motion Urban Headlights

Light & Motion has been a pioneer in the urban headlight market for years now, and their latest Urban line is pretty much exactly what today’s commuter needs. The 180 lumen model is $99, the 300 lumen in $130 and the 500 lumen is $160.

Bern Helmets Squid Pro Model

Kevin “Squid” Bolger is a veteran bike messenger and co-owner of Cyclehawk Messenger in NYC. Squid’s pro model Bern Brentwood helmet features the Cyclehawk wings graphic, which are also available as a sticker pack. We’re told that Squid will have said sticker packs with him on the streets, and if he sees you out there wearing a Bern helmet, you just might “get your wings.”

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