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the Wolfpack races or other big regional events, there’s some heated city rivalry, but it mostly ends well. Jen Whalen, also of New York, was pleased to see a different vibe to the competitive alleycat circuit. “People were mad, but they were being silly about it, joking around. That’s the kind of stuff that people punch each other over in New York. It’s nice to see the West Coast is still chill about it.” The LA/Wolfpack contingent were especially eager to sweep the races, as one of their local riders had been run down that day, and they were riding in his honor. 

The city repping takes on a particular flavor with the natives of Vegas, who for whom a knowledge of the city is a double-edged skill. Before the King of Vegas rumors were circulating that Nate Grill was the guy to follow for out-of-towners, due mostly to Hern’s success following him in 2010. For the majority of riders, says Hern, Vegas can act as a proving ground. “It’s a gray area for everyone. About 70% of the racers are from out of town. So it really shows who’s the better street racer, who can perform better under pressure in an unfamiliar city.” Brad Adams, of Road Runner Bags took second in both races and credits the city’s insane urban emphasis on cars in creating a dicer race. “Vegas intersections are meant to hold a mass number cars and trying to break through that when there is bumper to bumper flow was unbelievable. I honestly could not tell you how I did it. It still boggles my mind.” In the end LA took the podium for men, with Edgar winning the race. There was much singing, dancing, dogtags, and In-N-Out burgers to be had. 

After a week of nursing Outdoor Demo injuries, digesting Vodka and Cliff Block Shots back to back, and getting kicked out of classy casino night clubs for wearing SPD’s, we confirm: Vegas is still Vegas. A cab screeches up to pick a fight with the swashbuckling gentleman on a mini fixed-gear who just slapped a sticker on his bumper, and the night draws to a close. Bromptons and neon, gliding contrails through the glitz and dust of the Strip.


Photos courtesy of Trafik,

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