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Editor's Statement

By Brad Quartuccio

Issue #3 has pulled together, and with it a hare-brained project involving the pictured three-speed hub stamped more than a decade prior to my birth.

What goes around comes around, or something like that.

We hope it is clear that advocacy is close to our heart. More bicycle transportation solutions mean more cyclists, and more friends. Luckily for the bicycle community at large, our ace advocacy contributor David Hoffman was run off the road during his commute a few years back. Not so lucky for him, but we all gained a fired up and dedicated soul that is speeding up the slow march of progress. With our numbers growing by the day, we are a group worth pandering to. In Part 2 of “Starting a Local Advocacy Organization” we hope to shed some light on the rules of non-profit engagement. Between this and the track bike geometry lesson, one could think we’re sporting pocket protectors these days. Maybe so, but we can spice it up after hours—just read our fictionalized tale “Don’t Kiss an Elephant on the Lips Today.”

But back to the three-speed. Ultimate commuter or ultimate headache? Quite possibly both.