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I Love Riding in the City

NAME: Chris Moore
Anywhere I can work, and the slow places twice.
Talk show host

On riding in the city: The older I get the more I dislike riding from my home because I live on top of a hill. Leaving is great fun but after a long ride it is a bear to get back up that hill. The only problem with riding in Western Pennsylvania is the narrow roads without much shoulder for a bike. Automobile drivers don’t respect you as another vehicle and that is a problem. There are still a lot of great rides though, and beautiful scenery.

Favorite or most exotic city to ride: Exotic doesn’t count in my riding locations unless you count St. Louis. My favorite place to ride is to the Jersey shore. Nice wide roads, and in some places enough shoulder room to stay out of traffic, ride two abreast, and have a decent conversation.

Why I love riding in the city: Pittsburgh is one of the few places that you can take your life into your own hands and get a workout too by simply riding in the streets, dodging potholes and angry motorists. It is great sport!
I don’t like bike snobs who ride very expensive bikes and refuse to speak to you when they see you because you don’t have the kind of gear they have.

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