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Click, Click, Clique

By Seth Werkheiser

On the upper west side of Manhattan lives Ezra Caldwell. A wiry little guy with a stable of bikes, an inviting smile and a wrench. He’ll adjust your brakes over coffee, then tweak your chain line and take you around the block. This is what Ezra does.

“When I was in college I had just one bike. I used to ride road bikes. You know, with tights on. I worked as a messenger in Philly for a while, like 12 or 13 years ago, and couldn’t really see using my Carbon Fiber road bike as a work machine, so I built up a Raleigh Technium fixie conversion. It’s sort of been a slippery slope since then.”

Now with eight bikes of his own, plus bikes he’s building up for friends, a spare room near the front door has become a stable for his two wheel creations. With an Xtracycle and an assortment of fixed gear and single speeds rides it’s like a show room enticing any friends who stop by and haven’t ridden a bike in years.