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What really makes riding in L.A. something truly special may be that it takes a certain amount of fearlessness to contend with the overwhelming car culture, and some real dedication to span the distances between the edges of the 500-square miles that are encompassed in this mega-opolis. Cycling in L.A. demands toughness, but it also requires that you can laugh off the honking and harassment—because they come every day—and can have fun no matter who tries to run you off the road.

And in a city of 10 million people, somehow, community can be hard to come by. There are so many people crisscrossing from one end of town to the other, back and forth without stopping to see what’s in the middle, it’s easy to go months without ever talking to your neighbors. Bikes tie a wide swath of people together in L.A., and we’re thrilled to be able to get to know each other and explore all the streets and hills and cuts and tunnels and bridges of our crazy, chaotic, beautiful city together.