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On the pressure of the job

“What does it profit me to do one more run at the end of the day? That takes a whole hour, when I am only getting $4 or $5 for that run? I am supposed to be home. These are things that get you angry about the job. Sometimes the pressure of the job never ends. Constantly demanding of you, the physical labor is unimaginable, the amount of miles that we ride, it’s a lot. And then carry heavy things. [The dispatchers] think we are teenagers and that we will do this forever. ‘I need another run done, you have to do it.’ My argument is ‘Fuck you.’ And then he can’t dispatch.”

On the bicycle courier third eye

“Look up ahead and see the wall of pedestrians—you can close your eyes and go through them. At least you feel you can because you see the whole, you feel it. Unless someone does something unpredictable, which can happen at any minute, but usually doesn’t. The same way when we ride next to cars, a door can open at any second, you can’t predict it, sometimes you just feel it.”

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