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throughout the race, the 20 year-old Cat 2 racer from Tempe would end up finishing first in the women’s fixed category. That first crash took out the back half of front pack and held up many others, foretelling a sketchy race ahead.

As a result of the early crashes, the race overall was steadily paced, with no real large gaps between groups, and riders reserving their heavy pedaling for the last stretch.

At 5:14 am with not a drop of water in the air nor the promise of sunlight, X-Games gold medalist Robbie Miranda headed the front pack coming down Ocean Street, virtually flying across the finish line at Montana Avenue as the fastest crash racer of 2012, and earning his first set of coveted winning dog tags. Two minutes behind Miranda came Jo Celso, who would be taking first place women’s overall and geared dog tags with her back to San Diego. The win was an emotional one, and a huge confidence boost for 23-year-old Celso, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2011 and had just come out of chemotherapy in January.

Riders continued to stream in, high on adrenaline, soaked in sweat and hobbled by cramping calf muscles. With such a tight pack of riders rushing across the finish line, it took some time to confirm the top finishers. Eventually every category was determined, save for first place women’s fixed, which required video revision and was announced several days following the race. Gonzales’ dog tags have been sent to her in Arizona.

As the sun rose that Sunday morning, the countdown to next year’s crash race began.


Women’s Fixed Gear

1st Kapri Gonzales (Arizona)

2nd Kelli Samuelson (LA) (CBNC)

3rd Becca Cohen

Women’s Geared

1st Jo Celso (1st Womens Overall) (San Diego)

2nd Sam Bell

3rd Lindsay Nelson

Men’s Fixed Gear

1st Edgar “Willo” Juarez (Long Beach)

2nd Scott Piercefield

3rd James Zaldua

Men’s Geared

1st Robbie Miranda (1st overall) (Chula Vista) (RAD)

2nd Evan Stade

3rd Tim Mcgee (Predator)

Dead Fuckin’ Last

Tina Pham


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