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6 Editor’s Statement
Brad Quartuccio

8 Publisher’s Statement
Jeff Guerrero

10 I Love Riding in the City
Readers share their tales of city cycling.

20 Doing it for the Kids
Krista Carlson
Bringing bike polo to the youth in Bakersfield, CA.

30 Back Home Again In Indiana
Zachary Woodward
The story of the Little 500, a race with 62 years of history.

42 Gallery: 3 Brooklyn Bike Builders
Brad Quartuccio

48 Product Reviews & News
State Bicycle Co, Torker, Abus, Knog, Kenda, DZR and more.

66 The Toughest Ladies in Sport
Lisa Moffatt
The annual women’s tournament is gaining a reputation as one of the best events in bike polo.

72 A Conversation with Grant Petersen
Zack Barowitz
The esteemed bicycle designer talks urban cycling, fashion and mountain bikes.

78 Derailleur Alignment
Brad Quartuccio

82 Outro
Jason Finn
The IG Markets Nocturne London.


Left: Tina Medley of Mobile, AL crossing over to play the ball at Ladies Army IV in Lexington, KY. See page 66 for more. Photo by Brad Quartuccio