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Club Ride Days2Short

It’s summer and the hot weather is upon us. As much as I favor cycling knickers (shants, if you will), once the temperature reaches 90°F I want some shorts. And while cut-off Dickies certainly would do the job, once you’ve been exposed to the world of high-end mountain bike apparel, it’s kind of hard to settle for less. So when Club Ride approached us about reviewing their products, I was rather happy to oblige.

The Days2Short shorts are made from quick-dry nylon that’s brushed to look more like casual wear than technical wear. The fabric stretches just enough to avoid snagging your saddle, but provides total freedom of movement. They have traditional pockets and belt loops, as well as zippered cargo pockets and an adjustable waistband. The shorts come with a removable Coolmax liner so you can choose to use theirs, roll your own, or go commando if you so desire.

Club Ride is based in Ketchum, a world-famous mountain resort town in Idaho. And in any given resort town you have a genre of outdoor enthusiasts who get labeled “dirt bags.” Now don’t jump to the conclusion that dirt bag is exclusively a derogatory term, however. A dirt bag is known to run gear from a decade ago, they duct tape their footwear and sew patches onto their outerwear. But as much as dirt bags are frugal, they tend to be knowledgeable, and they appreciate quality. So if you’re a clothing brand in Ketchum, you have to keep the dirt bags in mind for the sake of your reputation. And I’m pretty confident that 12 years dirt bags will be stitching up vintage Club Ride shorts and saying, “These are pretty sweet.”

The Days2Short shorts retail for $99. Check out


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