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accord with the bicycle and that there is no better way to do that then through the bicycle and other people that ride.”

“[To show] that I am artist and my favorite thing is to take people where they’ve never been before, whether it is riding with me or watching my films. This is something that I just love doing and obsess with doing... Putting smiles on people faces, people laughing, people telling me about problems in their lives that I have solved or made better because they ride more, and people who ride period because of my films, and people ride a lot more and faster and take chances in life on bike because of my films.”

Urban Cycling

“Urban cycling, it doesn’t matter if you are riding a beach cruiser on a bike path, or you’re an executive, a judge, messenger, whatever, BMX, it doesn’t matter. The moves and riding styles you see in my films apply to you. Because they are life saving moves, they are familiar to you because you ride through those same intersections. Certainly my films have big influences on the way people ride and I want people to ride according to way they feel comfortable. And that might not be following laws, or rules, or society expectations about how you are supposed to ride or where you are supposed to bring a bike or where you are not supposed to have a bike. The ultimate expression of living on your own accord is riding a bike.”


“I think the coolest compliment that I ever got was on a ride from London to Edinburgh. There was a messenger in Liverpool, which was one of the stop overs, and he said to me, ‘I became a messenger because of some of your films.’ That’s very powerful, there have been a number of people who have done that. But the thing about this guy is that he was the coolest cat. His accent was really the Liverpool thick accent and he said to me and the other thing he said about this, ‘Lucas I am the only messenger in Liverpool.’ Liverpool has a messenger because of my films. And that is why I do this.”