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Ciclopista started as a group of friends simply seeking places and spaces where they could ride their bicycles and explore the city and has since grown and established itself as one of Tijuana’s largest cycling groups and continues to meet twice per week.

Ciclopista’s 8th anniversary was celebrated in May and was heavily promoted throughout local media, social networks and the various groups in town. There were small bike shops representatives, ride organizers and bicycle advocates of all walks of life, a few local celebrities, the local professional soccer team Xolos mascot, families, music and the most positive and vibrant spark of energy that one could experience on an early Sunday morning.

In November 2008 the first official bike lane was inaugurated, 1700 meters of a bike route in the middle of the Zona Río. The route is a loop with City Hall to the east and the Plaza Río shopping center to the west.

Rides and Groups

Paseo de todos is a ride for all. It began over two years ago as a monthly organized ride described as well-mannered and a heavy welcoming vibe which attracts members of all age groups, levels and categories, including families. Arturo Viazcan is the mind behind this initial idea, and it all started after he visited the south of Mexico and saw other large rides. One of the ride’s motto is: “This is a festivity where ALL cyclists and social groups are invited to be a part of and to demonstrate that it is possible to use the bicycle as