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Dottie Brackett and Trisha Ping that’s a couple of women writing about their daily bicycle adventures.

Oh yeah, I know Dottie and Trisha. We had a Cycle Chic bloggers conference in Barcelona last year and we’re having another one in September in Budapest where all of the bloggers from around the planet meet up and we drink, basically, but we also talk about the movement. They were going to come to that but they couldn’t make it unfortunately. And the other one, Bike Fancy, isn’t a Cycle Chic blog simply because we have rules that if you want to start one we don’t want any helmets in the shots. So I said, “That’s fine, just call it something else.” So Martha said, “OK, I’ll call it Bike Fancy,” which is great.

I’m visiting Amsterdam next, which is the one city in the world that competes with Copenhagen in terms of being bike-friendly. What’s the difference between the two cities?

With Copenhagen and Amsterdam all the stats are identical. They’re the almost exactly the same population, with about the same amount of people biking, although we’re down to 35 percent mode share and they’re at 38. There’s the same amount of public transport use and the same amount of cars. They have the same harsh winters. It’s 55 percent women biking here, 45 percent men, just like in Amsterdam.

So it’s the “same same but different.” Actually maybe it’s the “same different different.” It’s simply a question of urban planning. There’s no city like Amsterdam in