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The new H20 from DZR Shoes is a seam-sealed, highly water-resistant, SPD-compatible cycling shoe. Like their other shoes, they’re practically indistinguishable from casual street wear, yet they pack cycling-specific features like a nylon shank in the sole, reflective accents on the heels, and an elastic loop on the tongue to batten down your laces. And the sheepskin leather uppers feature a water resistant treatment.

I’m hesitant to refer to the shoes as waterproof, because water has a way of working its way into almost anything, but the inner membrane itself is. The first thing I did was take the garden hose to the H20’s. As long as I didn’t spray above the collar, no water got in. Then I stood in a puddle for several minutes to see if they leaked around the SPD cleat. No seepage. Next I went mountain biking and stood in a swift moving creek with the water just below the ankle cuff. Again, not a drop of water got in.

Of course these are all controlled conditions, and in actual downpours some water may be able to enter at the ankle cuff. But in my experience when they’re securely tied, the amount of water that enters in a light to moderate rain ride is negligible.

Aside from the waterproof features, the H20’s are good looking and functional cycling shoes. They’re comfortable from day one, requiring virtually no break-in time. At 950 g, they are a bit heavy, but it’s not something I typically notice until I take them off. The sole is stiff enough for good power transfer, yet has just enough give to let them pass as all-day footwear. It’s also deep enough to keep most cleats from making contact with the ground while walking. The trade-off is that when the cleat is recessed this far, it can lead to difficulty clipping in and out of your pedals. I run Crank Brothers pedals, and use their thin plastic shims underneath the cleats because of this. You may or may not need to do the same.

The DZR H20 shoes retail for $159. Check out