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Abus Kranium Cardboard Helmet

Abus not only makes locks but has a full line of helmets available throughout Europe including the unique Kranium helmet, with a liner made from corrugated cardboard. This isn’t a concept piece, it is on sale and passes European helmet standards. The cardboard crushes, though stays together in one piece to better handle crashes with multiple impacts.

SRAM Automatix 2-Speed Auto Shifting Hub

The $90 Automatix hub uses a centrifugal clutch mechanism (like a seatbelt) to shift between two gears without any user input but overall speed. Available in a coaster or rim brake version, the hub may not be suited to serious urban riders, but on folding or utilitarian commuter bikes makes a lot of sense. A low gear to get going, a higher gear once you’re rolling, nothing to think about but the ride.

Carrera Foldable Helmet

Inspired by the leather ribbed helmets of old, the Carrera foldable helmet has elastic between the EPS foam ribs to provide a more custom fit than rigid designs, and a more easily stowed package when off the bike. It passes European helmet standards, and will reportedly be less than 100€ .


Idependent Fabrication

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