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Problem Solvers Brake Stud Light Mount

Mounting your light down low has certain advantages—better depth perception, less chance of blinding oncoming drivers or riders with high powered lights, and free space on the bars. In my case bar space on my city commuter is not only in short supply due to my front cargo rack, but handlebar mounted lights can interfere with and are blocked by my typical cargo loads. In Urban Velo #33 we wrote up a DIY mid-level light mount solution for those with low rider rack mounts, and it prompted the folks at Problem Solvers to share their Brake Stud Light Mount with us. It’s a simple kit that adds a 22 mm diameter light mount to just about any cantilever brake stud, no matter what kind of brake (or no brake) you may have on your bike. With a longer bolt and a reversible extension section that works with brakes with either exposed or recessed bushings, it’s a quick installation that doesn’t require any brake adjustment and gives you a light mount compatible with most handlebar mounted lights out there. I’m sure there are combinations of bike setup, brakes and light choice that don’t work perfectly, but I’ve found it a flawless setup. Pictured here with the Gotham Defender anti-theft light, the Problem Solvers Brake Stud Light Mount tucks neatly under my front cargo rack and gives me a place to leave a light mounted to my commuter full time. It doesn’t interfere with loading and unloading cargo, is never blocked by a large box, and in a couple of months of use it has yet to come loose or move. It does what it is designed to do, and does it well. The Brake Stud Light Mount weighs 58 g and is available for about $30 from your local shop.

Five Ten Dirtbag Lace-Up

The Five Ten Dirtbag was designed as a multi-sport shoe, so they’ll work for skateboarding, cycling, etc. They’re also a very nice casual shoe. From a performance standpoint, the biggest factor is the use of Stealth rubber.

Stealth rubber was developed by Five Ten’s founder, Charles Cole, back in 1985. The idea was to create a rubber that could help rock climbers achieve greater traction as well as reduce fatigue by increasing its shock absorption capacity. The original formula was critically acclaimed, and new formulas of Stealth rubber were designed for specific applications. The Dirtbag uses Stealth Phantom rubber which allows for a non-marking outsole without sacrificing performance.

The Five Ten Dirtbag Lace-Up really does what it’s claimed to do—it sticks to the pedals. This has made Five Ten’s shoes especially popular with gravity assisted mountain biking enthusiasts. The $95 Dirtbag shoes are notably comfortable, and they feel rather light (actual weight is 714 g per pair). The soles may be a bit soft and flexible for some cyclists’ taste, but the tradeoff is that they’re equally functional on or off the bike.


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