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DIY Shoe Dryer

Arriving with wet shoes is an inevitable part of bike commuting—sometimes you’re just going to have to pedal through the rain. Putting those wet shoes back on hours later never feels good, no matter the temperature. Putting your shoes on a heating vent or radiator may work, but can lead to cracked leather and stressed synthetic uppers. And while dedicated shoe and boot dryers exist, few have the luxury to have them on hand. Stuffing your wet shoes with newspaper works remarkably well to help them dry quickly. The thin newsprint wicks water out of the shoes and exponentially increases the evaporative surface area. For thoroughly soaked shoes one can speed up the process even further by swapping the paper out a time or two throughout the day. Shoes that used to take an entire 24 hour cycle to dry can be made tolerable in just hours, all for the price of yesterday’s news.




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