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Problem Solvers Cassette Cog Carrier

The Problem Solvers Cassette Cog Carrier is a classic two-for deal, combining an inexpensive six-bolt disc compatible steel cog with a Shimano compatible splined interface. Use the cog and splined adapter as a wide-base single speed cog for converting geared bikes to single speed without damaging a delicate aluminum freehub body, or use the cog alone as a bolt-on fixed cog for offroad riding and other times you absolutely don’t want to blow off a lockring. The carrier and 17 or 19 tooth cog retails for $30 with 16 - 22 tooth replacement cogs $18 each.

The Grime G.O.A.T.

The Grime has introduced the 4130 chromoly G.O.A.T. frameset, the Greatest Of All Track. The bike borrows from the venerable GTB track from the ’90s, with integrated headset cups and reinforced dropouts. Steep angles and a short wheelbase give the bike the responsiveness many love, with a sturdy build that fits up to 32 mm tires. Available in five sizes for $650.

NRS Boat Bag

Bikes that feature coupler systems for breakdown and easy air or bus travel are continuing to gain in popularity. Given the price of bags on the market, it’s no surprise people have been searching for alternatives such this $70 NRS bag, meant for stowing an inflatable boat. Though larger bikes may not fit, and the mesh panels necessitate careful packing, the IK size fits a 56 cm bike and 26” wheels with room to spare. Airline legal, the bag is lightweight allowing space for traveling needs without going over the weight limit and has backpack straps for easy carrying.