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Table of Contents

ON THE COVER: Read more about Goldsprints on page 44. Photo by Brad Quartuccio

CONTENTS: Midwest Jumpinships, Columbus, Ohio. Photo by Brad Quartuccio

6 - Editor’s Statement
Brad Quartuccio

8 - Publisher’s Statement
Jeff Guerrero

10 - I Love Riding in the City
Readers share their tales of urban cycling.

28 - The Rise & Fall of a Bike Shop that Never Was
Scott Spitz
Think it’s easy to start the coolest bike shop in town? Think again...

32 - Ghana
Eric Matthies
A glimpse into the chaotic cycling scene in western Africa.

36 - Gallery
Reader-submitted photography from around the world.

42- Residue
Roger Lootine

44 - Goldsprints
Brad Quartuccio, Evan Farrar & Mike Dee
Bike racing meets nightlife as cyclists compete head-to-head in bars.

52 - Bike Fit
Dan Goldberg
How to make your next used bike fit like it was made for you. Or close to it.

56 - Ignorance is Bliss?
Julian Birch
Our mate ponders the taciturn nature of his fellow London cyclists.

60 - Starting a Local Advocacy Organization Part III
David Hoffman
Show me the money! Funding your non-profit.

64 - Technical Gubbins - A Winter Survival Guide
Jeff Guerrero
A rough guide to preparing for battle with Old Man Winter.

70 - No Exit
Andy Singer