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Pedal Threading

By Brad Quartuccio

Right- and left-hand pedals are threaded differently to prevent them from loosening while riding, and to create headaches for riders the world over. A little knowledge can prevent a lot of frustration.

The right-hand pedal (drive side) is right-hand threaded, meaning the righty-tighty, left-loosey rule applies. Turn the right-hand pedal clockwise to tighten, counterclockwise to loosen, as viewed from the drive side of the bicycle. The left-hand pedal is left-hand threaded, meaning it is turned counterclockwise to tighten and clockwise to loosen as viewed from the non-drive side.

Right- and left-hand threads can be differentiated by eye if not obviously marked. As viewed vertically right-hand threads slope up and to the right, left-hand threads slope up and to the left.

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