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Urban Velo
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NAME: Slavik Dyak

LOCATION: Lviv, Ukraine

In Ukraine we have a nice saying, unfortunately it can’t be translated to rhyme, “Four wheels carry the body, and two wheels carry the soul.”

–Urban Velo #24

NAME: Rie Sawada

LOCATION: Nagoya, Japan

I’ve made so many great friends who enjoy riding and drinking good beer and coffee. Bicycles unite people all over the world!

–Urban Velo #25

NAME: Tran Thu Hang

LOCATION: Ha Noi, Vietnam

My country’s capital is crowded and most people ride motorbikes, so our traffic is dangerous and there are a lot of accidents. However, some streets are very quiet, so I choose them.

–Urban Velo #26

NAME: Clint Eastman


Riding defensively is the only way to ride when you have to contend with pedestrians who can appear from nowhere, buses that are everywhere, and black cabs, who don’t seem to want to see you.

–Urban Velo #39