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Editor's Statement

By Brad Quartuccio

Bike people are good people. There are exceptions to every rule, but this one’s done me far more good than bad. This issue features a few of those good people I’ve met along the way, namely Corey Hilliard and Jason Montano. Our paths initially crossed through east coast races and west coast trade shows. Corey brings an abundance of courier experience to the table to explain the basics of the independent contractor wage system for bicycle messengers, and how the workers of FedEx are challenging the status quo with potential for far reaching empowerment and reform. Jason in turn gives us an inside look at stateside UCI World Cup Track racing through his talented lens
and pen.

This opener would be remiss not to to mention the passing of one of the great minds of the cycling community, Sheldon Brown. Mentor to countless cyclists over the years, the depth of his knowledge and passion knows no match. Sheldon was a unique soul,
sharing his knowledge with anyone who asked, having the foresight to preserve it for those who have yet to discover his genius. I don’t think he ever fully realized his impact. While Sheldon will be greatly missed, his inspiration lives on.


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