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I Love Riding in the City

NAME: Laila Ghambari

Where do you live and what’s it like riding in your city?
Riding in Seattle is usually a cold and rainy experience. Sunny days are few and far between but, I think because of that, we cherish them so much more. There are hills, lots and lots, but hills are good for you.

What was your favorite city to ride in, and why?
As soon as I understand the streets of Portland better (cause I get lost every time) it will be my favorite. I think the community is what draws me there. For now though, I will say Seattle because it’s my home and I know the ins and outs of this city.

Why do you love riding in the city?
There is a beautiful freedom about being on a bike in the city. You feel connected with what’s surrounding you and that allows you to appreciate it. You get to know it pretty intimately, in the sense of you come to know its flaws and its strengths. Plus, when 5 o’clock hits, what would you rather do: weave through traffic or sit in it?

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