Urban Velo


Black T-Shirt
Our #1 Best-Seller! 50/50 black t-shirt with Urban Velo logo printed in white. Lighter than a 100% cotton shirt, but not so light as to feel cheap. Fairly true to size, 50/50 shirts hold their color and don’t shrink. Includes USA shipping.

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Black Low Skyline Logo T
Black t-shirt with our skyline logo printed low on the left hand side of the shirt in gray ink. Also has small Urban Velo logo on right hand sleeve. 100% cotton Gildan t-shirt. Includes USA shipping.
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Long Sleeve “I Love Riding in the City” Black T-Shirt
Black long sleeve t-shirt with the “I Love Riding in the City” logo on the front, with a small Urban Velo logo on the back, just below the collar. This is a 100% cotton 5.6oz Gildan shirt. Sizes S-XXL available. Includes USA shipping.

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Women’s American Apparel T-Shirt
High quality American Apparel black women’s t-shirt with the Urban Velo logo printed in white as seen on one of our local friends and polo players Jill. If you’ve had a subscription over the past year or so Jill has most certainly helped get that magazine into the envelope and off to the Post Office, and while you likely can’t be quite as awesome as her you can wear the same shirt. 100% cotton, these shirts just fit right albeit a bit small in that American Apparel way. Includes USA shipping.

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Add a sticker pack for just $3! Or order it all on it’s lonesome… We promise at least one big one and half a dozen smaller stickers.
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