Urban Velo

Tech & How To

Here are some of the technical features from the zine, collected on one page for your convenience.

How To Use Your Lock Properly

Broken Derailleur Wire (Rear)

How To Patch A Tube

DIY Double Toe Straps

How To Wrap Your Bar Tape

The Truth About Track Bike Geometry

How To Tension Your Singlespeed Chain

Use A Bell / Cheap Locking Skewers

Tool-Free Tire Removal

Bike Fit

Winter Survival Guide

Dress For Success

Adjusting a Rear Derailleur

How to Install a Front Brake

Wheelbuilding 101

Maximum Insertion

DIY Truing Stand

Bicycle Threading 101

Bike Chain Stretch

Headset Adjustments

Fixed Gear Skid Marks

Rear Blinkie Light Theory

How to use a Chain Tool

Winter Footwear Solutions

How-To Tie & Solder Spokes

The Rotafix Method

Chainring BCD Gauge

Getting a Handle on Handlebars

Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Valves

Brake VS Shifter Housing

Talking About Chainline

What’s in There? How a conventional freewheel mechanism works.

Looking Where You’ve Been

Stem Clamp Penny Trick

Real Life Tool Kit

Repairing a Sidewall Tear

Bottom Bracket Tapers

Masterlink Tech

Diagnose A Stuck Stem

Line Up Your Hot Patch

Splined Bottom Brackets

Winter Cycling Basics

The Internals of Internal Gears

Crank Arm Removal

Layering For Springtime

DIY Chainring Bolt Tool

Freewheel Removal

Get A Grip

Headset & Fork Installation

Home Shop Strategy

Brake Lever Compatibility

Quick Release History

Maximize Solvent Use

Antique Tech: Crankset

Why Cable Locks Suck

Winter Tire Considerations

Trail: Steering Geometry

Stuck Seatpost

Drivetrain Wear

Suicide Fixed Cog

Vintage: Love It or Leave It

DIY Nipple Driver

Fixed Gear Drivetrain Cleaning

Stem Faceplate Installation

Chain Width & Compatibility

Stay Loose

Rim Replacement

Helmet Tech

Derailleur Alignment

DIY Light Mount

Disc Brake Basics

• Flat Prevention

DIY Shoe Dryer

BB Height VS Drop

Ramps And Pins

Anti-Seize Compound

Gear Inches

Rim Brake Maintenance

Hub Spacing

Pedal Threading

Multi-Speed Chain Length

Narrow-Wide Rings Explained