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snowtires.jpgWinter Survival Guide – tips on how to keep spinning through the cold season.

Winter Footwear Solutions – options to keep your feet warm and dry.

Winter Cycling Basics – a primer or a brief refresher on dealing with cold weather riding.

Here are some winter cycling online resources:
Icebike.org – A whole site dedicated to winter riding.
Bikeforums.net – Good online forum discussions on winter cycling.
Mudhead – A great personal page by Pete Hickey from Ottawa.
Joe Clark – Gearing up for winter in Toronto.
Chicago Bike Winter – Encouraging all-season cycling.
All Weather Sports – Creators of the Snow Cat rim.
Surlyville – These guys live to commute in Minneapolis.
Winter Cycling Down Under – From the University of Western Australia.
Roads to Resources – Tales of a trip through Canada’s arctic northwest.
NH Outdoors – Tips from New Hampshire.
Loving Winter Bicycling – Tips from the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin.
Alaskan Winter Cycling Tips – Courtesy of the Fairbanks Cycle Club.
Groovy Green Winter Cycling – Tips from Matt Mayer of Ithica, NY
Bike for All – A directory of winter cycling articles.