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When he first came to the United States, Takahiro didn’t receive much response on his other artistic pursuits, but when his friends started asking him to make bike jewelry, he knew what he wanted to put his energy towards. With summer on the way, KU is making its debut at jewelry bike industry tradeshows. With excellent craftsmanship and acute attention to detail, this DIY project is taking off with distribution through Chari and CO in Manhattan and various bike shops in Japan.

“It is not like very expensive fine jewelry, and it’s not like Chinese mass-produced, not like copy cat things. When I started to bike, I realized bike components are so beautiful. They are designed by technology that is for speed, weight or durability. I tried to translate the beauty of bike components to jewelry. When someone who does not care about bikes sees my bike jewelry and feels that is nice, my hope is that someone will learn [about bike component design] and start to be interested in bikes,” says Takahiro.

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